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Kankichi Ryotsu
Kankichi Ryotsu
Personal Information
Japanese: 両津勘吉
Romaji: Ryōtsu Kankichi
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Status: Alive
Professional Statistics
Main Occupation: Police Officer
Other Occupation(s): Cheif Patrol Officer
First Appearance

Kankichi Ryotsu (両津勘吉 Ryōtsu Kankichi?), often affectionately called "Ryo-san" (両さん Ryō-san?), is the main protagonist/antagonist of the long-running Japanese manga and anime series Kochikame. He is appointed as the Chief Patrol Officer of the Kameari Kouen-Mae Police Box in the series.


Ryoutsu is a middle-aged man of a rather short but robust stature, who sports a crew-cut hairstyle and noticeably thick bouts of body hair. His similarly extra thick and curvy 'm'-shaped unibrow is his most famed asset, and serves as the signature image associated with Kochi Kame in general due to its uniqueness and familiarity with local Japanese fans. While on duty, he is always depicted wearing his blue police officer uniform, i.e. blue pants and coat which cover his white buttoned shirt underneath, plus black tie. Unlike most other police officers from the series who wear the same uniform as he does, Ryotsu keeps his sleeves rolled up to just above the forearm. He also has the tendency to favour wearing wooden sandals whilst at work, but is able to run at rather tenaciously fast speeds with them on (which may, or may not be, why he does not wear black shoes).


Ryotsu tends to adopt a rather lazy state of disinterest while on duty at the Police Box; instead of putting effort into his patrol or office duties, he is often seen resorting to creating plastic models (or 'pramos'), playing with toys and video games or sleeping on the job instead. It is usually while he is in the middle of any of these activities, however, that Bucho catches him off-guard and scolds him for disobeying his orders. He shows larger preferences for indulging in leisure activities inclusive of Pachinko, gambling, plastic model construction, video gaming and visiting cabaret clubs, even while on patrol duty. But his largest desire above all is for money, and would go to great extents just to gain extra by investing in on potentially profiting fads and scams just for his benefit. (Almost all of these, however, are never able to reach a pleasant conclusion in the end.) There are times, however, when Roytsu shows great in-depth knowledge and understanding of current fads or situations in the business/sports/culture/leisure industry and sometimes can go into deep discussions with colleagues Nakagawa and Reiko. Ryotsu is unable to speak any other language other than Japanese, and seems to show little concern over this. He understands only little bits of broken English, particularly where speaking foreign characters are concerned. Reliance is put onto both Nakagawa and Reiko for translating between languages.




  • It is estimated that Ryotsu has appeared in every single story from the manga series since its initial debut in 1976, which already covers a total of over 2000 different storylines combined. The same is also probable for the anime series, which spanned a total of over 360 episodes between 1996 to 2004.
  • Outside of the manga and anime series, Ryotsu has made numerous appearances in other popular manga series and Shonen Jump specials.
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