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The anime version of the Japanese manga series KochiKame by Osamu Akimoto aired on FujiTV in Japan from 16 June 1996 to 19 December 2004, spanning a total of 373 episodes. The official English title is KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops.

Two movies were also released, KochiKame: The Movie and KochiKame: The Movie 2: UFO Attack! The Great Tornado Strategy!!.


The vast majority of episodes in the anime series involve plots and stories derived from chapters in the manga series itself, with the exception of some episodes being produced as anime-original storylines. In comparison to the manga, the more violent and sexually suggestive scenes are either ignored or toned down to also suit a younger television audience.

The anime series aired weekly every Sunday on FujiTV at 7pm, following Kiteretsu Hyakka and preceding One Piece. The show lasts for approximately 22 minutes without advertising, with the exception of some special episodes. episodes in the series do not air by season, but rather by year beginning in January all the way through to December on the weekly basis.

Episode listEdit

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List of KochiKame openingsEdit

The anime series underwent many changes in theme songs used for the opening credits, inclusive of the following:

# Music Title Artist Duration
1 Natsu ga Kita! (夏が来た!, Summer's Here!)  Nagisa no Jouou-sama Episode 1 (16 June 1996) to Episode 12 (22 September 1996).
2 Everybody Can Do! TOKIO Episode 13 (27 October 1996) to Episode 38 (27 April 1997).
3 Katsushika Rhapsody (葛飾ラプソディー) Kouhei Doujima Episode 39 (4 May 1997) to Episode 144 (4 July 1999).
4 Kochira Kameza no Onna (こちら亀座の女) Osamu Yamada and Hello Nights Episode 145 (11 July 1999) to Episode 154 (31 October 1999).
5 Oideyo Kameari (おいでよ亀有, Come Over to Kameari) Kankichi Ryotsu and Kameuii~n Song Group Episode 155 (21 November 1999) to Episode 209 (24 December 2000).
6 Damatte Ore ni Tsuite Koi (だまって俺についてこい) Yoshimi Tendou Episode 210 (14 January 2001) to Episode 325 (5 October 2003).
7 Katsushika Rhapsody ~YumYum VERSION~ (葛飾ラプソディー~ヤムヤムVERSION~) Yum!Yum!ORANGE Episode 326 (12 October 2003) to Episode 373 (19 December 2004).

List of KochiKame endingsEdit

In addition to the theme songs, the ending songs for KochiKame also changed numerous times to follow suit:

# Music Title Artist Duration
1 Smile (スマイル) Hoff Dylan Episode 1 (16 June 1996) to Episode 12 (22 September 1996).
2 Ii Koto Aru Sa (いいことあるさ, Good Things Will Come) - THE COLLECTORS Episode 13 (27 October 1996) to Episode 39 (4 May 1997).
3 Shukujo no Yume wa Mangekyou (淑女の夢は万華鏡, A Lady's Dreams are Like a Kaleidoscope) Megumi Okina Episode 40 (11 May 1997) to Episode 74 (1 February 1998).
4 Buuee no Biya Biya (ブウェーのビヤビヤ) Akira Inoue Episode 75 (15 February 1998) to Episode 122 (31 January 1999).
5 Kyun Kanae Episode 123] (7 February 1999) to Episode 136 (9 May 1999).
6 Kimi to Boku (君と僕, You and I) The LOVE Episode 137 (16 May 1999) to Episode 143 (27 June 1999).
7 Mainichi, No Problem (毎日、ノープロブレム, Every Day, No Problem) Komachi (Rieko Miura) and Naoko (Kanako Mitsuhashi) Episode 165 (20 January 2000) to Episode 206 (17 December 2000).
8 Nice na Kokoroiki (ナイスな心意気, Nice Spirit) Arashi Episode 248 (6 January 2002) to Episode 274 (21 July 2002).
9 Tetsu AND Tomo no Nande Darou ~Ryo-san no Version~ (テツANDトモのなんでだろう 〜両さんのバージョン〜) Tetsu and Tomo Episode 294 (5 January 2003) to Episode 305 (23 March 2003).
10 Tetsu AND Tomo no Nande Darou ~KochiKame no Version~ (テツANDトモのなんでだろう 〜こち亀のバージョン〜) Testsu and Tomo Episode 306 (6 April 2003) to Episode 315 (22 June 2003).
11 Hai, Irasshai (ハイ! いらっしゃい) NICEGUYJin Episode 316 (6 July 2003) to Episode 325 (5 October 2003).
12 Jugemu ~KochiKame Version~ (ジュゲム〜こち亀バージョン〜) Kankichi Ryotsu and Dai Edo Taifuu Zoku Episode 354 (13 June 2004) to Episode 368 (12 December 2004).


  • Original Author: Osamu Akimoto
  • Planning: Kenji Shimizu -> Koji Kaneta -> Taichirou Fujiyama -> Momoko Konaka, Toshitaka Nakano -> Atsutoshi Hamano -> Yutaka Sugiyama -> Youko Matsushita
  • Director: Tetsuo Yasumi -> Shin Misawa -> Shinji Takamatsu -> Yoshihiro Takamoto -> Akira Shigino (TV specials)
  • Character design, Drawing Supervision: Tsukasa Nannai, Yamauchi -> Masahiro Kitazaki
  • Art Director: Satoshi Shibata
  • Director of Photography: 
  • Music: Ryou Yonemitsu, Toshihiko Sahashi
  • Sound Direction: Fusanobu Fujiyama, Hajime Takakuwa
  • Producer: Koji Kaneta, Akio Wakana, Kouji Beppu ->
  • Animation Production: Gallop
  • Development: FujiTV, ASATSU -> ASATSU-DK -> Asatsuu Deii Kei -> ADK


  • Episodes which aired in 1996 had no eyecatches between scenes. Instead, at the end of the anime episode, there were Today's Damage (本日の被害, Honjitsu no higai) segments which highlighted the total number of damages particular characters made during the episode, for example the number of cars someone destroyed or days left drunk/hung over.
  • Rieko Miura, voice actress of Komachi, is a popular Japanese singer and actress who has also done voice work in other anime such as R.O.D the TV.
  • The anime switched from CEL animation to Digital Pen & Ink animation starting with episode 156. However, episodes 158, 159, 160, and 161 were still CEL animated. The show made a complete switch from episode 162 onwards.
  • The theme song used for the longest time was 'Damatte Ore ni Tsuite Koi', which was used over two years and eight months. However, both the Doujima and Yum!Yum! versions of 'Katsushika Rhapsody' combined span a total of three years and four months. The theme song used for the least amount of time was 'Kochira Kameza no Onna', which only lasted for nine episodes.