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Natsu ga Kita! (夏が来た!, lit. Summer's Here!) is the first opening theme song to be used for the anime series of Kochikame. It was sung by Japanese singer Jou-Ou Sama.

Song infoEdit

Natsu ga Kita! was used as the opening theme song from Episode 1 (16 June 1996) through to Episode 12 (22 September 1996).

The opening credits did not insert the title name of Natsu ga Kita!, but to Nagisa no Jou-Ou Sama instead, which is presumably the alternative title.

The animation accompanying the song depicts the central characters of Kochikame driving to a beach, and engaging in various beach activities with some shots created and timed to synchronise with some parts of the lyrics.

Japanese lyricsEdit

おっきい波 ちっさい波 ちっこいのや
中っくらいの 南風に乗り
おっきいサル ちっさいサル
ちっこいのや 中っくらいの 渚で キーキーキーキーキーキーキーキー
おっきいハンター ちっさいハンター ちっこいのや
中っくらいの 南風に乗り
おっきいロボ ちっさいロボ
ちっこいのや 中っくらいの渚で ビリビリビリビリビリビリビリビリ
渚でキーキー 渚でビリビリ

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