Volume 32

Volume 32 of the Japanese manga series 'Kochikame' by Osamu Akimoto was released on 15th September 1984 through Shueisha Comics.

Chapter list

Chapter no. Chapter Title Issue serialised
301 'Wishing For Zero Accidents' 41
302 'Old Man Maikon' 42
303 'Trip for Befriending' 43



'Copy Company'

'We're the Wind!'

306 'Fierce Fighting! Campus Festival' 45
307 'Japan's Heart' 46
308 'Full-Time House Husband!?' 47
309 'The Requirement of Attractiveness' 48
310 'Cars are to Love!?' 49
311 'Here Comes the Demon!' 50
  • through Shonen Jump Weekly, 1982

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