Volume 34

Volume 34 of the Japanese manga series 'Kochikame' by Osamu Akimoto was released on 15th February 1985 through Shueisha Comics.

Chapter list

Chapter no. Chapter Title Issue serialised
322 'Toy March 2' 12
321 'Take Care of Your Body!...' 11*
323 'Smoking is...!?' 13
325 'The Reliable Police Cop!!' 15
324 'City Rider' 14
326 'Fujiyama Cannonball' 16
327 'Energetic First-Graders' 17
328 'Police Bike Troop Member Maikon-kun!!' 18
329 'Police Inspector Ueki's Resignation' 19
330 'A Manager's Hardships!?' 20
  • through Shonen Jump Weekly, 1983


  • The reason as to why the chapter titled 'Toy March 2' includes the '2' is unknown, as the assumed initial chapter title of 'Toy March' never existed.

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