Volume 47

Volume 47 of the Japanese manga series 'Kochikame' by Osamu Akimoto was released on 15th August 1987 through Shueisha Comics.

Chapter list

Chapter no. Chapter Title Issue serialised
453 'A Couple and a Typhoon' 43
443 'Tokyoite Sushi Lessons' 33*
452 'Collector' 42
454 'Great Toy Wars' 44
456 'Who's the Iron Man!?' 46
455 'Everything Two-Wheeler' 45
458 'Go Soft and Hard!?' 48
457 'Stroll in Tokyo' 47
459 'Sky-Flying Carpet!?' 49
460 'Ryo-san's Prosperity Log!' 50
  • through Shonenn Jump Weekly, 1985

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